How not to Drive: Yes and No


4 răspunsuri to “How not to Drive: Yes and No”

  1. CiprianS Says:

    E tare! mi-a placut!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ioan Grosanu Says:

    A senator drove his straight talk express
    Until he came to a bump in the road

    He wasn’t going to let a young upstart
    Try to steal what he believed he was owed

    So he swerved to the left, swerved to the right
    Picked up a passenger who wasn’t wound tight

    Realizing he had made many mistakes
    He yelled „Country first!” and then hit the brakes

    Now he’s stuck and his wheels are just spinning
    Is his latest stunt one that is winning?


    Iubesc aceasta tara!!!

  4. Mihaela Hahne Says:

    Ce-mi place de tine, dulce Romanie
    Tara mea de glorii, tara mea de dor!

    Super video. Parca eram in trafic in Valcea….

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